Using Steve Gentry Construction for Big or Small Projects

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Construction projects come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While one homeowner may simply want some roofing work done, another person may need an entire home built. Professional crews should be utilized in any case, ensuring the work gets done well and is up to code. Steve Gentry Construction handles all construction needs, no matter how big or small.

New Garage Construction

Some homes do not work at all, and it is instead the garage that could use some help. Those who have no garage yet can get the one they’re looking for by utilizing a professional company. The team will create a matching garage that fits in well with the overall look of the home and keeps the car and other belongings safe.

Adding Energy Efficient Windows

Perhaps a homeowner wants to change out their existing windows for energy-efficient models. A construction company like Steve Gentry can handle this project with ease. They offer a wide selection of replacement windows for the homeowner to choose from, ensuring their happiness. Vinyl windows, skylights, sliding windows, and more can also get added.

Implementing a Handicap Access Ramp

Most homes have basic decks and patios for people to use. A person with a handicap may not be able to get up and down stairs as others so easily would. A construction crew can implement a handicap access ramp that allows wheelchairs and has more space than a typical option.

Snow Removal

Many people would think they’d have to handle snow removal themselves, or at least call in someone who works in landscaping. A professional construction company can handle these services instead, ensuring all snow gets removed from the roof, walkways, or other necessary areas of the home. They can even take care of the ice dams that tend to form around the gutters, creating icicles that can cause hazards. They follow safe practices always.

Steve Gentry Construction offers far more than general services. Everything from new windows to garages and even entire remodelling projects can get completed with their help. Visit the Website to discover the many construction solutions the company offers and request a quote.

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