Routine Dental Care in Honolulu Could Prevent Dental Abscesses

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Diagnosing an abscess is fairly easy for a dentist. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon recognizes inflammation of the jawbone on an X-ray. If the abscess is still in its initial stages, the surrounding gums are noticeably reddish and swollen. The exact location of the abscess and the cause of its formation – for example, an inflamed dental root – is determined by the dentist during their exam.

After the cause of the abscess has been removed, the abscess must be opened. Due to the location of the abscess, this is done internally during an outpatient appointment with local anesthesia or in an inpatient treatment facility under anesthesia. Routine   is one of the best ways to prevent a dental abscess.

Opening an abscess

The abscess is opened either from the inside or from the outside with a small cut so that the pus can flow out. The abscess is not sewn shut even if it has been cut open from the outside. This small but most important detail allows the abscess a way to drain properly, meaning the pus can flow through the opening easily.

After the abscess has been opened from the outside, the patient generally has a bandage put on the excised area. In order to help reduce inflammation, antibiotics are given to patients with abscesses opened from the outside.


If an abscess is opened from the outside under an anesthetic, the pathogen, for example, a faulty wisdom tooth, is usually treated during the same appointment. If it is an abscess opening from the inside, dentists treat the cause of the disease only when the inflammation has subsided, that is, a few days later. The treatment of the disease may involve, for example, the removal of the tooth, a root canal, an apicectomy, or cyst surgery. Dental Care in Honolulu, after the surgery, is a must.

How to prevent the formation of an abscess?

Abscesses in the mouth arise from inflammations, for example, from an inflamed root canal, gingivitis or from an inflamed wisdom tooth. The emergence of an abscess can best be prevented if these diseases are recognized and treated in good time. Therefore, regular visits to the Landmark Dental Group is also important for the prevention of abscesses.

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