Using Tulsa Moving Companies To Move A Pool Table

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


When someone has a pool table they would like to have moved to a new home, they will most likely call one of the Tulsa moving companies to help with the task. There are several steps one can take to ensure the pool table is well-protected while in transit. Here are some tips to use to prepare a pool table for a move from one home to another.

Before making the move, find out if having a moving truck haul the table is cost-effective. Since pool tables are very heavy, the cost of moving one may be more than its value. Consider selling the table if it seems cost will be an issue. If the table has sentimental value, putting it in a moving truck will ensure it is kept safe through the duration of the trip to the new home.

First, the pool table will need to be disassembled to make it easier to get onto a moving truck. Place all pool balls, the racking triangle, and other accessories in a sturdy box for the ride. They can be wrapped in pieces of bubble wrap before being placed inside. Add some packing peanuts for additional security. Pool sticks can also be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a long box for the ride.

Hiring a third-party to take the pool table apart may be necessary to keep the slate pieces from becoming broken. After the slate is removed from the table, the pieces should be wrapped in furniture blankets to help protect them from damage. They can be placed in the truck and secured with straps, so they do not shift while the truck is moving. Stacking the pieces will keep the bottom pieces safe from harm. It is a good idea to keep other items away from the pieces, so they do not cause cracking to occur should something fall on the slate slabs.

If someone is interested in having one of the Tulsa moving companies move a pool table, or if they have questions about what it would cost, they can call a local service for help. Give a call to a moving service like Move That Stuff to find out further information if desired.

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