Why a Funeral Ceremony Program Is Important

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


A traditional funeral, followed by burial, is a process that includes many professionally-coordinated steps. Although it may seem that some are included for the sake of tradition, even the tiniest detail can have long-term meaning for survivors. For example, something as common and simple as a Funeral Ceremony Program can eventually become a treasured memento. In fact, that is why professionals like Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery take great pains to develop programs that strike just the right notes.

Program Covers Can Say a Lot

A great deal of thought goes into creating the ideal cover for a Funeral Ceremony Program. Since the booklets will be handed out to everyone attending services, families want covers to reflect the life of the deceased. Images also match the tone of the service. Most feature scenes from nature, like forests or flowers. Sunsets and sunrises are popular and religious families often choose crosses or other symbols. Many covers simply show a photo of the deceased.

Every Program Includes Important Elements

The purpose of a program is to provide information about the person who died as well as funeral details. As a result, most booklets include the following:

• The legal name of the deceased

• The deceased person’s dates of birth and death

• The name of anyone officiating, such as clergymen

• The names of anyone involved in the funeral (pallbearers, speakers)

• A list of songs that will be sung

Funeral Homes Can Customize Programs

Since programs can be tailored to clients’ need and wants, some include religious symbols, scriptures, or Bible quotes. They may also feature the deceased person’s favorite quotes. Some programs list family members and details of “after services” events, like breakfasts or lunches. Many provide mini biographies or other information about the deceased. Families may also provide information about how to donate to charities in honor of their lost relative.

Of all the details included in a funeral, the program is one of the most important. An expertly crafted program is a commemorative treasure that many friends and family keep. Although all programs include basic elements, funeral directors will customize them to suit their clients’ needs. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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