Water Damage Cleaning in San Francisco: How It Works

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Sep, 2014


Buildings that have sustained water damage require professional cleaning. In San Francisco, the large number of Victorian homes built at the turn of the 20th century, means that the City is host to beautiful and vulnerable architecture that can be damaged extensively from leaky pipes or external flooding. Professional restoration services provide the technology and solutions required to salvage a historical gem from ruin.

How the Restoration Process Works

Restoration begins with an estimate. If an emergency is the reason for requesting a restoration quote, it is important to remember that not only structural elements of the building may be at risk. Water damage to personal effects such as documents, electronics, furniture, and records is a substantial and valuable reason for hiring a professional restoration service.

Protect your assets with a restoration service immediately following a water damage incident. Trained restoration technicians use state-of-the-art equipment designed and engineered to detect, monitor, and extract unwanted water from the premises of a building.

Professional restoration specialists act fast. If there has been an emergency where furniture, carpets, and other portable objects in the environment can be removed, restoration professionals will relocate your property to a safe location on the property, or place it up on blocks.

Heavy duty extraction inside and under a house or building is performed with vacuum equipment. If pipes are broken, restoration specialists will arrange a plumber on the spot. Once all structural repairs have been made to plumbing, restoration can begin. Contamination, soil, and microbial pollutants are removed so that a space is once again sanitary.

How to Respond in a Water Damage Emergency

If you are experiencing a disaster leading to water damage in a home, restoration can commence prior to the arrival of an on-call specialist. Always turn off electric appliances and power outlets adjacent to a flooded areas. Do not use electric devices if water is underfoot.

Certified water damage recovery technicians are restoration specialists with the proper training to ensure that your property is brought back into compliance with environmental standards. Drying a home or building to its pre-incident condition can be a challenge. Professional restoration services supply the advanced techniques required to restore a property and its contents to their original state.

Restoration also inhibits future growth of harmful pathogens such as mildew, mold, and other bacteria causing agents in clothing, furniture, and documents. Request a dual restoration treatment employing drying and dehumidification for maximum remediation of water damage. When onsite, a restoration professional should inspect the entire perimeter of the property.

Protect your property from serious damage. Water damage cleaning in San Francisco is the solution to costly property damage of a historical home or building.

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