What Are Garmin Depth Finders And Their Uses

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Garmin depth finders are used on boats to determine how deep the water is and if there are objects in the ship’s path. They can be utilized for a multitude of reasons, including where fish are located and whether it is safe or not to move the boat. Likewise, they can be used to find even more information about the water, including rocks, aquatic foliage and more.


Primarily, sound navigation and ranging is the technology used for these devices to help determine how deep the water is. Sound waves are sent through the water and bounce back to the device when they touch upon an object, like the bottom of the body of water or a fish. The device produces a digital representation of what’s there based on how long it takes the waves to be reflected and how big the sonar wave is. However, some Garmin depth finders can show three-dimensional diagrams that show precisely what is there and where.

Other Finder Options

While most will use sonar and can be used to find fish, there are many other options, including a sounding line, echo sounding, and fathometer. The sounding line uses a rope to measure how deep the water is while echo sounding uses pulses of sound to measure deepness. Likewise, the fathometer is perfect to locate fish at any deepness.


Garmin depth finders can be the perfect tool for navigation, especially since some boats extend farther under the water. Vessel owners have to ensure that they won’t damage their boat by being in too shallow of water. Likewise, using these devices can help you find out what’s out there sooner, so you can make corrections to your route to avoid potentially dangerous areas. Many times, these devices are used by commercial and personal fishermen to find fish and determine how big a catch they’ll get.

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