What Are Some Everyday Applications for Pvc Ball Valves, and Why Are They Important?

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jan, 2020


Plastic Pvc ball valves have several uses. The primary responsibility of these valves is ensuring proper shutoff closure of a liquid, the most common being water. Without the valve, water, for instance, that flows can reverse or cause a stoppage.

In the Dentist Office

No one wants to reminisce about sitting in the dentist’s chair, but it serves its purpose. A faulty valve that obstructs the flow of water when patients need it the most can be costly and embarrassing. The valve keeps the water flowing when it needs to flow and stops it when it needs to stop. That means no wasted water through leakage on a patient’s delicate silk blouse.

In the Garden

Residents of areas with low rain need to monitor their water usage more than others, but a valve can be useful regardless of environmental conditions. A properly functioning Pvc ball valve can operate irrespective of pressure, so whether its a sprinkler system or regular watering, the valve cuts off the pressure at the right time. Without a sufficient valve, the loss of water can be costly or damaging.

Residential Plumbing

If you’ve ever tried to repair a plumbing hose, you know the advantage of a good Pvc valve. Changing a faucet can turn into a nightmare if the valve is damaged or improperly placed.

The benefits of Pvc ball valves go beyond just these, but this will give you a good idea as to why they’re essential to a host of water supply applications.

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