What are the Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Memphis?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


A water heater in a home provides hot water as needed and is often one of the most neglected appliances. The average water heater lasts around ten years and then will need to be replaced, especially if it begins to exhibit problems in operation. Sometimes, a water heater can have issues long before its lifespan is up. It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs they need Water Heater in Repair Memphis.

If any of these signs are present, a homeowner needs to seek repairs for their water heater:

1. When a water heater is no longer producing the right amount of hot water, it is vital a homeowner has it checked. In some cases, the heating element may be going bad or the water heater may not be set at the correct temperature.

2. Water heaters that begin making banging and clanging sounds need to be checked. Typically, this is caused by metal bits breaking off due to corrosion. As they come in contact with the heating element, they make noises. Draining the tank can sometimes stop this and prolong the life of the heater.

3. Leaking water heaters need to be serviced right away because they can damage flooring and can cause the risk of electric shock if the heater is run by electricity. This is an issue that is best repaired by the professionals.

4. If a water heater is putting out discolored water or water that has a bad odor, it may be time for a service call. Once a water heater’s lining begins breaking down, it typically needs to be replaced.

5. When a water heater suddenly stops working, this can sometimes be caused by an electricity issue. If only cold water is coming out of the hot faucet, this could simply be a sign the heating element has gone bad.

If you are in need of Water Heater Repair Memphis, call the professionals. Contact Drain Go Plumbing for your service call today. If you would like to learn more information about the many services they offer, click here. They will provide you with the expert services you are in need of so your water heater will work properly.

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