All You Should Know About a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Biking is a very entertaining and refreshing experience. Whether you ride a motorcycle as a recreational activity or it is part of your day to ay life, you can expect to experience some accident or incident at some point. However, when the accident is a result of the reckless acts of another party, the law allows you to sue them and get the compensation you deserve for your damages. Here are important things that you need to know about hiring a motor accident lawyer.

Who is a motor accident attorney?

This is a person that is trained and experienced in what is known as tort laws. These are the laws that govern the action that should be taken when one party is hurt or suffers damages as a result of the negligent or reckless acts of another party. They have the knowledge to determine whether a case is worth pursuing and also whether the hurt party deserves compensation. They mainly solve these cases out of court; however, in case one of the parties isn’t willing to give an easy settlement, they will litigate on behalf of their clients.

What are their responsibilities in the case?

  • They will gather evidence that proves that you were hurt and that the damages were a result of acts that could have been avoided by the other party.
  • They will determine the amount of money that you as the hurt party are supposed to receive as compensation for your injuries.
  • They will take care of the negotiations and make sure that they run fast and smoothly. This is important because there are injury cases that drag on for months and at times even years, making the involved parties feel disoriented and discouraged.
  • They will read and interpret all legal documents to ensure that you do not get mislead into signing waivers or other documents that could hurt you case.
  • In case the other party doesn’t want an out of court settlement, these lawyers will represent you in court and present the evidence collected, earning you compensation.

These are services that Dulaney Lauer and Thomas LLP, the best motorcycle accident lawyer in town offers.

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