What are the Things to Look for While Selecting Auto Body Shops in Denver

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


If you’re not an expert in auto body detailing, it can be difficult to know what characteristics or capabilities to expect from various auto body shops in Denver. It’s vial to choose the right shop for your vehicle – one that is reliable and honest. Two important features of a quality body shop are the shop’s certifications and the experience of its personnel.

In your search you may want to find some well-known top quality shops in your local area. You may receive feedback from family, friends, acquaintances or coworkers regarding their experience with particular auto body shops. If you check online review sites, make sure you are reading from sites that offer unbiased assessments of the provider.

Professional, Experienced Staff
One of the most important features of auto body shops is the quality of the personnel who work at these shops. The professionals who perform work on the body of your vehicle should have relevant certifications. For instance, a certification from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is very important. This certification is given to auto technicians who have demonstrated particular proficiency in their craft. An auto body technician may also acquire certifications from vehicle manufacturers such as Chrysler, GM, Nissan and Toyota. These certifications demonstrate the technicians’ know-how with particular vehicle brands. In addition auto body professionals can receive other training from Moog, Bendix or NAPA. All of these certifications and pieces of training demonstrate professional aptitude in the field.

Certified Shop
Auto body shops are also certified as a whole. Facilities that demonstrate their capabilities over time can gain certification from the major auto organization. Part of this demonstration process includes having some of the latest modern equipment in the right kind of facility and qualified technicians. A shop may also obtain certifications from auto parts manufacturers or an entity such as Autobody Alliance.

Accepts Your Insurance
You have insurance so that it can help you if or when the time comes. If you need auto body work, then you need to make sure the auto body shop you consider in Denver can work with your insurance company. If a body shop cannot work with your insurance for any reason, you will need to move on to another shop.

If you find a shop that meets the above criteria, you may have a winner for your vehicle’s auto body work.

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