Why Do Patients Sometimes Need a Root Canal in New Haven CT?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


The pulp of a tooth is one of its most important components when it is still growing. Once a tooth is matured, it is nourished from the surrounding gum tissue so the pulp becomes less important. Unfortunately, the pulp of a tooth can become inflamed and infected. When this happens, the tooth is in danger of necrosis and the infection can spread to the gums and other teeth. Thankfully, teeth can be saved with a Root Canal in New Haven CT.

A tooth may need a root canal procedure because of an injury, an infection, and frequent dental work. Many people are nervous when they hear they must have a Root Canal in New Haven CT. It is important to remember, a root canal is meant to relieve pain, not cause more. In reality, this treatment typically causes no more pain than that of a filling.

A patient who goes through a root canal procedure will not have any pain during or immediately after because they will be given an anesthetic that numbs the area and prevents them from feeling any pain or discomfort. When the patient is numb, the dentist can go to work on opening the tooth and removing the soft pulp, which includes blood vessels and nerves.

The canals are carefully cleaned and smoothed and then a material called gutta-percha is placed inside. This material closely matches the properties of tooth pulp, allowing for contraction and expansion due to temperature changes in the mouth. This is vital for ensuring no damage occurs.
Once the root canal has been carried out, the tooth is either filled or covered with a crown to ensure it will be strong enough to withstand the immense pressure that is created during the chewing process.

If you are dealing with tooth pain, it is imperative to see your dentist to determine the best course of treatment. To learn more about root canals and other dental treatments, visit us. They offer a wide array of dental services to help their patients protect the health and beauty of their smile. Call today so your appointment can be scheduled.

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