What Can People Expect From Their Pet’s First Appointment With the Animal Clinic in Olathe KS?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


It is important every pet has the regular medical care they need so they can stay healthy and strong for life. This typically means a pet’s checkup appointments need to be scheduled at least once a year. When it comes time to bring a new pet to the vet, owners often wonder what they can expect. Knowing what to expect can ensure pet owners are properly prepared so their pet can be cared for and have their health protected. This information will prepare owners for their pet’s appointment at the Animal clinic in Olathe KS.

• The first part of the appointment will involve the veterinarian asking general health questions about the pet. If a pet owner has noticed any concerns in behavior or eating habits, it is important this information is shared with the veterinarian. It may be helpful for an owner to take some notes before the appointment so they will not forget any important information.

• The vet will conduct a thorough hands-on examination from head to tail. The vet will report to the owner if any issues are found with the teeth, coat, ears, eyes, or body. If any health concerns are found, the vet will discuss what treatment needs to be carried out to protect the pet’s health.

• If it is time for any vaccinations, the vet will inform the owner so they can be carried out. Vaccinations are crucial for good health and are an integral part of the care provided by the Animal clinic in Olathe KS.

• Depending on the type of pet a person has, certain types of testing may be carried out. These tests can check for common diseases that occur with a particular type of pet.

• The vet will then set up a vaccination schedule and inform the owner of when they will need to bring their pet back in for their next checkup.

If your pet is in need of care, contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. They provide care for a variety of animals and will be happy to help you keep your pet healthy and strong. Call them for your pet’s checkup appointment.

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