Taking Your Pet To A Veterinary Hospital For Care

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


When something isn’t right with your pet, worrying is very common. Don’t just hope that the situation will pass. Pay attention to what is going on and get in touch with your vet. Early intervention can help to reduce the chances of the problem getting out of control. It may be an illness that can be treated with medication.

Sometimes, the symptoms are an indicator that something serious could be going on with your pet. Your vet will need to perform some tests. This can include a urine sample, stool sample, and taking a few vials of blood. With early intervention, treatment options can be discussed. If you allow the problem to continue, though, it could progress and be irreversible.

Making an Appointment

Once you realize something isn’t right with your pet, you should make an appointment at the veterinary hospital. Tell the receptionist about the symptoms you have noticed. This includes changes in behavior, changes in eating/drinking habits, and any indicators your pet is in pain. They will schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible.

They may give you some directions for caring for your pet in the meantime. If the symptoms you describe seem severe, they may ask you to bring your pet right into the facility. They will squeeze you in between scheduled patients to ensure your pet can get the care it needs right away.

You know your pet better than anyone else, so you will be able to pick up on symptoms the vet wouldn’t typically notice. For example, if your dog always jumps on your bed to greet you in the morning, but today he hasn’t moved much at all, you know something just isn’t right. Your pet depends on you to care for their needs, so make sure you have any issues explored by the vet.

Emergency Care

Most veterinarians also have an after-hours call system in place. You can call the veterinary hospital in Manahawkin NJ any time of the day or night. Someone will answer your call and take your information. If your pet is very ill, they may ask you to meet the vet at the facility as soon as possible. With other scenarios, they may ask you to wait by the phone, as the vet is going to get the information and call you back with further instructions.

If the situation isn’t severe, the after-hours recipient of your call may ask you to consult with the vet on the following business day. You shouldn’t feel guilty for calling after hours if you feel there is an emergency taking place for your pet. It is better to make sure it isn’t something serious than to let a problem get out of control.

Your pet may need to stay overnight at the veterinary hospital designed for them if their health isn’t good. There will be someone overnight to monitor them, offer them food and water, and make sure they are well cared for. Once your pet has recovered enough to be cared for at home, they will be released. Make sure you follow the instructions you are given and you follow up with your vet as specified. Click here for more details.

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