What Can You Expect from Working with a Product Liability Lawyer in Norwich, CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


When a company manufactures a product, they are required by law to make sure that product is safe for use. When an injury occurs because of a product, the manufacturer and others involved in its production can be held liable. As with any liability claim, the full burden of proof rests with the one who is injured. This is why it is so important people get legal help from a product liability lawyer in Norwich, CT. A lawyer can help a person determine what recourse will be most beneficial in helping them pursue compensation for their injuries and damages.

The first step in pursuing a liability claim is to make sure liability can be proven. Whether one is dealing with an insurance company or a trial, they will need to prove the company is responsible for their injuries. When meeting with the product liability lawyer in Norwich, CT, a person can determine what steps need to be taken so they can prove liability.

Proving liability means being able to submit substantial evidence against the company. In order to do so, the lawyer will need to conduct research and investigations to find out as much information about the company, their product, and why it is causing injury. This phase of the process is called the discovery phase, and it is crucial for making sure a person’s injury claim will be able to hold up in court.

In most types of injury claims, settlements are reached outside of court. In others, a trial is the only chance of an injured victim being offered fair compensation. The lawyer working on the case will strive to make sure the right approach is sought. Since most injury lawyers work on contingency, an injured person will not have to worry about payment unless they win their case.

If you are in need of help with your product liability claim, browse this website. Stephen M. Reck is a lawyer who is committed to helping injured people receive fair compensation. Call his office right away, so he can begin helping you with your claim. With a lawyer, you can rest assured your case will be given the full attention it deserves.

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