What your oral surgeon in Westchester County, NY can do for your smile

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Dental work can make a world of difference for your smile. Whether you are seeking to improve your oral function with enhanced speech, geater chewing capability, or a more attractive smile, with the right dental work, all these goals can be met. For patients in Westchester County, NY, scheduling an appointment with your local oral surgeon is the first step in getting the dental work you need completed. An oral surgeon can make a world of difference by strengthening your teeth and enhancing your smile.

The Services Provided by Oral Surgeons Westchester, NY Dentists Include:

Dental Implants – Replace missing teeth with the help of dental implants. During this procedure, titanium posts are placed into the gum and teeth are placed onto the posts. This permanent solution is provided by experienced oral surgeons Westchester, NY professionals.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Wisdom teeth grow in during the later adult years which is why they are called wisdom teeth. However sometimes there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate them and the wisdom teeth become impacted. They can also grow in partially and begin to decay because they aren’t brushed properly. With so many potential issues, people often choose to get these teeth removed by oral surgeons Westchester, NY dentists.

TMJ Disorder – Many oral surgeons Westchester, NY dental patients see also provide treatment for TMJ. The grinding of the teeth can occur for many reasons including due to misaligned teeth. The jaw joint can become damaged due to illness or injury resulting in many different health concerns. For individuals experiencing difficulty with their jaw, a visit to the best oral surgeons Westchester, NY has available can help them to resolve these dental health issues.

Impacted Canine Removal – Just like in the case of wisdom teeth becoming impacted, canine teeth can become impacted as well. When this occurs, it is best to get them removed as soon as possible. An oral surgeon has the necessary knowledge and experience that can prove helpful in extracting impacted canine teeth.

There are many ways in which an oral surgeon can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Find qualified oral surgeons near you in Westchester, NY and schedule an initial consultation today.

At the dental office of DeBenedictis Anthony, DDS, you can have the smile you have always wanted with help from an experienced oral surgeon.

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