What Factors Influence the Trade-In Value at a Harley Davidson Dealer in Pittsburgh?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


It’s time for a new cycle and the owner would like to use the older bike as a trade-in. When a Harley Davidson dealer in Pittsburgh evaluates the bike, several points will be looked at closely before an offer is made. Here are some of the factors that will influence how much the owner can expect to be credited for that older bike.

The Make and Model

As with any other type of motor vehicles, the make and model of that older bike will influence how much the Harley Davidson Dealer in Pittsburgh is willing to pay. If the make and model happens to be a popular one that the dealer can sell with relatively little trouble, there’s a good chance of receiving a higher offer. Makes and models that are not enjoying a current surge of popularity will result in a lower offer. The seller can determine if the offer is a good one by checking the pricing associated with similar bikes at other locations around town.

The Year of the Bike

What’s the year of that older bike? Even if the make and model happens to be a popular one, a bike outside a certain date range is likely to fetch a lower trade-in price than bikes in a more desirable age range. Keep in mind that older is not necessarily a deterrent. If the bike was manufactured during a year that enthusiasts consider to be among the better production periods, that older bike may command a higher price than a newer one.

The General Condition

A bike that is maintained in near perfect condition will capture the dealer’s attention quickly and is likely to result in a higher offer. Take along maintenance records as proof that the cycle has been properly cared for over the years. If the condition lines up with the maintenance records, the result will be a more lucrative offer.

To learn more about what to expect with a trade-in, visit Website Domain today and arrange to contact a member of the sales team. Use the visit as a chance to check out the newer models on the showroom floor while the team assesses the older bike. The result could be an arrangement that makes everyone happy.

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