What Goes into the Selection of a New AC System?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Whether the plan is to install a new AC system in a residence or a commercial building, there are a few details that must be worked out in advance. Choosing to consider each aspect carefully will result in coming up with a solution that serves the customer well for many years. Here are a few examples of points to ponder and resolve before any work is done.

The Power of the New Unit
Take a good look at what is already in place and how well it served the purpose in the past. Maybe the old unit did just fine up until a couple of years ago. What has changed since then? Did the owner add any rooms to the structure? Maybe spaces like the attic or basement were finished to create additional living space. If nothing has changed other than the efficiency of the unit, then there is a good chance that was choosing a new AC system with the same basic specifications as the old one will be fine. If significant changes have taken place, it pays to start fresh and determine how much power the new unit needs in order to do the job properly.

Energy Efficiency Matters
Since there must be a new unit installed anyway, why not go with something that can do more while consuming less energy? Work with a contractor to identify units that have the power to cool the space but will be kinder to the utility bill. In some cases, that new unit will end up saving the client enough money each month to offset the cost of purchase and installation in a couple of years.

How About New Features?
A new unit is an opportunity to invest in something with features that the old unit did not possess. Take a good look at the older unit and identify any features that were used frequently. Those will serve as the basis or standard for the replacement system. Mix in any newer features that the client believes would make life easier. For example, perhaps the ability to control the system using an online connection would be great. If so, focus the search on units with that capability.

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