What Is an Interactive Digital Directory?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


When owning and running a building, the whole profit point is making a building’s space available for rent and purchase. Location is a big part in making a building more attractive to potential businesses for office space and more, but location isn’t everything.

Another factor that matters is the quality of the building itself – including its lobby. And to make a lobby better means making it more welcoming, more comfortable, and a better and easier place to access more information about the building and its businesses – which is where the directory comes into play.

When someone visits a building to visit a company’s offices, they have to consult the directory to figure out where the offices are. Classic directories may still be elegant, but they’re also flat, and require regular maintenance to change tenant names, and finally, they’re simply uninteresting. There’s not much information you can engrave on a directory, and the knowledge value of a large metal plaque with a few names on it is rather low.

That’s where a digital directory comes into play – and more specifically, an interactive directory, from a provider like TJG Digital Signs.

What is an Interactive Directory?

An interactive directory sets itself apart from other digital directories by virtue of being programmed specifically to allow readers and users to perform certain functions. Whereas a digital directory is typically only controlled and updated through a single mainframe or access point in the form of a computer, an interactive directory makes use of user inputs – touchscreen or button controls – to display a wider range of information.

Sure, with a TV, security becomes bigger issue – as per the FBI, TVs are some of the most-often stolen goods. But you can alleviate that rather easily with proper measures.

Choosing an Interactive Directory

Typically, if you’re going for an interactive digital directory to make the most of your directory services, you’ll want to go for a touch screen. The investment may be significant, but the gains to be had are equally powerful.

As per Business in Focus, reputation today is more significant than it’s ever been. Not only can you display a static list of names – you can show an interactive map, building announcement, business-specific information and other critical facts, making your business reputable for high-quality service. Through a better reputation, you get more tenant offerings – and create a more profitable building.

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