What Is Car Accident Injuries Treatment St Louis Like?

Posted By : admin , on Jun, 2015


If you need Car Accident Injuries Treatment St Louis, one of the best resources might be a local chiropractor. When you are initially diagnosed with certain types of injuries, a medical doctor will often tell you that chiropractic might be the best option. Chiropractors like those at the Back And Neck Care Center are highly trained to do treatments on a wide variety of injury types, with car accident injuries being some of the most common.

Car accident injuries are often what is known medically as soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injury, just as its name implies, happens on the soft tissues of the body rather than on the bones. The soft tissues in the body include your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and basically anything that is not part of the skeletal structure. While repairing bone breaks is fairly straightforward, repairing soft tissue injuries can be more complicated. When you put a broken bone in a cast, it will heal over time. With a soft tissue injury such as whiplash, it will not get better over time unless you get specific targeted treatment. In fact, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries get worse if they are ignored.

Perhaps the most common of all car accident injuries is whiplash. Whiplash impacts the neck and shoulder muscles as well as the upper back. It is a highly painful condition that your chiropractor can start working to resolve right away. Your first treatment will usually start with a complete exam. Your chiropractor will carefully test your body to learn what your most painful areas are. Often, the first part of a chiropractic treatment is a gentle spinal alignment. It is quite common for the spinal column to be knocked out of correct alignment during the physical impact of the car wreck, and this adjustment will correct that problem. The alignment often helps relieve a good deal of your pain.

Another part of chiropractic treatment after a car accident may involve supplemental therapy like heat and cold treatments. When you are terribly sore, as you usually will be after a car accident, both heat and cold can be tremendously effective in fighting the pain. Call your local chiropractor for a visit today! Visit website for more details.

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