What Should Defendants Know About Hiring a Bondsman?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


It can be stressful when a defendant is stuck in jail awaiting their trial because they cannot afford to post bail. Bail amounts can sometimes rise as high as thousands of dollars and can be difficult to pay for the average person. This is why many individuals end up seeking a bondsman for their Jail Bond in Atlanta. Working with a bondsman will allow a defendant to get out of jail with lower costs so they can return to their normal lives and prepare for their trial.
When a person is charged with a crime, they must first stand before the judge for their bond hearing. Defendants in the state of Georgia are guaranteed a bond hearing within 72 hours of their arrest. At this hearing, the judge will set the bond amount or deny bond. If the bond is too high or was denied, the defendant has the right to petition for another hearing.

Once the bond has been set by the judge, the defendant, a family member, or a friend can pay that amount so the defendant can be released from jail. When this amount cannot be afforded, a defendant or their family member can hire a bondsman to post the amount and guarantee the defendant will return to court at every appointed hearing or trial.

When a person has hired a bondsman, it is imperative they know their responsibilities. They will be required to pay a fee for the services before they will be let out of jail. This fee is determined by the state one has been charged in. Generally speaking, most states require the fee to be around 10% of the bond. Once this amount has been paid, it cannot be refunded even if the defendant is found not guilty.

Those who need help with their Jail Bond in Atlanta can find the assistance they need through a bondsman. Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds and they will be happy to help you get released from jail as soon as possible. They offer twenty-four-hour services to meet the needs of their customers. Call today for further information.

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