What Should Property Owners Know About Ant Control in Anne Arundel

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


As the warmer weather months begin to approach, it seems many homes and businesses are suddenly inundated with ants of all types. While many ants are harmless, some can cause painful bites that lead to persistent itch and discomfort. When ants become a major problem, it can be helpful for property owners to seek the professionals for Ant Control in Anne Arundel.

The first step the exterminator will take is determining what type of ants are present in the building. It is crucial this information is known so the extermination professional will know what methods to use to kill the ants and prevent them from reinfesting the property. In the case where multiple types of ants are present, the exterminator may employ more than one method of removal.

Unfortunately, most DIY approaches do not work when it comes to ant extermination. Spraying ants when they are seen does nothing but kill those few ants. There can be thousands more in the colony. To truly address an ant problem, an exterminator must use a pesticide that is consumed by the worker ants and then taken back to the colony to feed the queen and the young.

In the case of large ant’s nests, exterminators will often use non-toxic pesticides to kill off the ant colony without causing any risk to pets and other animals. It takes patience to get rid of an ant’s nest. The pesticides must be put into place and then a waiting period is enacted to be sure all of the ants are killed off. Many exterminators will then drown the nest to ensure the rest of the ants die.

An extermination service is needed for true Ant Control in Anne Arundel. These professionals not only kill off the current population but also help home and business owners to prevent ants from coming back.

If you are dealing with ants and would like professional help in getting rid of them, visit Pestcontrolmd.com. They are the pest professionals you can rely on to be sure your ant problem is a thing of the past. Call them today and they will be happy to schedule your appointment.

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