What to Do After a Fire

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Restoration


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Fire damage can be incredibly devastating to both home and business properties. Even after the initial fire is put out, damage continues to accrue if additional steps are not taken to address remaining smoke, soot, and any water used in firefighting efforts. Property owners can be overwhelmed when a natural disaster strikes, but professional remediation services are available to help mitigate damage. These services should be sought as soon as possible after the initial incident occurs.

Once the firefighters have left and the smoke has cleared, the safety of any occupants should be the main concern. Addressing Fire Damage in West Sacramento CA can be taken care of after everyone’s safety is assured. The 24-hour emergency services are widely available, but there are a few steps residents or occupants can take on their own while they wait.

The first step is to evaluate whether or not it is safe to be in the building to begin with. Electrical hazards are common after fires, as are slip and fall hazards. As tempting as it is to begin clean up attempts immediately, often it is much safer to wait til the professionals arrive and consult with someone who has experience in fire damage remediation. If the premises have been deemed safe for ordinary civilians, there are a few things to keep in mind when re-entering the property.

Soot particles can easily spread throughout the home. To avoid making this problem worse, it’s best to limit movement within the household and avoid as much as possible walking on any carpets or touching the upholstery. This can embed these particles deeper into the materials, causing further damage. If it is necessary to physically touch objects within the house, be sure anyone involved regularly cleans their hands. Putting down clean towels or linens over rugs and upholstery in any trafficked areas of the home can also help.

Don’t try to wash any painted surfaces or clean carpets without first consulting with a professional, but do remove any houseplants and undamaged personal items, and change the HVAC filters frequently to help remove remaining soot from the air. Dealing with Fire Damage in West Sacramento CA is a challenge, but a professional remediation company can offer invaluable help and advice. Contact SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland to find out what they can do.

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