What To Expect From A Bail Bond Agency In North Richland Hills

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2019


In Texas, criminal defendants who are eligible for bail could acquire a bail bond instead of paying the full bail value. The county jail could provide access to a bail bondsman under some circumstances. A local Bail Bond Agency in North Richland Hills can provide immediate assistance once the fee is paid.

What the Bail Bondsman Needs

The bail bondsman needs the defendant’s full name, date of birth, booking number, and the total bail value. The information ensures that the bail bondsman provides services for the correct defendant. Additionally, the fee for the bail bond is accurate.

Paying for the Bail Bond

The bail bondsman calculates the total fee for the bail bond. The fee is between ten and fourteen percent of the total bail value. The defendant or their representative submits a payment via cash, check, or credit card. If the defendant or their representative cannot make the payment, they could use collateral to secure the bond.

Using Collateral for the Bail Bond

Collateral that is acceptable for securing a bail bond includes but is not limited to real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and other monetary accounts. The defendant or their representative must provide proof of ownership for the collateral. For example, if real estate is used, the defendant must present a deed for the property. Titles are accepted for automobiles used for the bail bond.

Repercussions of Failing to Appear

A criminal defendant who doesn’t appear at their scheduled court date face the repercussions of a failure to appear charge. The judge issues a bench warrant and revokes the defendant’s bail. Any money used to secure the bail bond is not returned to the defendant or their representative. Any collateral used to secure the bond is forfeited and seized by the bail bondsman.

In Texas, criminal defendants could acquire a release from the county jail after securing a bail bond. The bonds are secured by submitting a payment or by using collateral. The bail bondsman provides documents to the county jail after securing a judge’s signature. Criminal defendants who need help from a Bail Bond Agency in North Richland Hills are encouraged to visit vaughnsezoutbailbonds.com for more info now.

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