What to Know About Cosmetic Fillings in Billings, MT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


When weighing your options to improve your smile, there are undoubtedly many procedures that can suit any imperfection or flaw you want to fix. Cosmetic fillings are one such procedure that can upgrade those pearly whites. To learn more about cosmetic fillings and what they can do for you, read on.

What are Cosmetic Fillings?

Cosmetic fillings are used to patch up cavities in dental work using a durable composite resin or porcelain. They are typically preferred over metal fillings for their more natural look.

What Issues Can Cosmetic Fillings Fix?

Cosmetic fillings mainly aid individuals with cavities. Instead of letting the tooth rot and go bad, a trained dentist removes the decaying portion of the tooth and replaces the area with a white, or tooth-colored mold for a seamless and undetectable look. They can also help improve an individual’s sensitivity to hot and cold foods and assist anyone dealing with toothaches.

How Long Do Cosmetic Fillings Last?

This varies greatly — but between eight and twenty years. The longevity of your fillings has a lot to do with how well you maintain your teeth. Therefore, ensure that you’re brushing daily and flossing.

Where to Get Cosmetic Fillings in Billings, MT.?

If these facts have piqued your interest, consider contacting your dentist and inquiring about cosmetic fillings in Billing, MT. If you don’t have a doctor in mind, consider booking your consultation and appointment with Dr. Spencer Zaugg, Family & Implant Dentistry.

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