What You Should Know About Group Disability Plans In Macon, GA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


In Georgia, employers have access to group rate health coverage for their employees. These policies are provided to give the employees access to health services locally. They also provide supplemental policies for unexpected events. The Group Disability Plans in Macon GA provide coverage and extraordinary benefits for these circumstances.

Controlling Premiums Through Group Enrollment

The employer pays a portion of the employee’s premiums to control the cost more effectively. This lowers the requirements for the employee and makes coverage more affordable. The value of the discount is based on the total number of enrollments achieved through the program. This applies to disability as well as health or dental coverage acquired at a group rate.

What Type of Disabilities are Covered?

Any disability that is caused due to an on-the-job injury is covered under these policies as well as worker’s compensation. However, disabilities produced due to disease development or accidents outside of work are also covered. The benefits are provided according to the fault of the employees.

How Does It Work?

The policy provides coverage for any medical treatment needed for this condition. They also provide any ongoing or rehabilitation services. The policy additionally provides a percentage of the policyholder’s income based on their hourly wages, normal hours worked, and the duration of their recovery. On average, the percentage is around sixty percent of their total income. The insurer calculates the value and provides this information to the employee.

What if the Condition is Permanent?

If the condition is permanent, the policyholder acquires a settlement. The lump-sum settlement may reflect their lifetime earnings. However, it may present a value based on the date that the disability started through the time needed to process the claim. The individual may also receive monthly payments through government programs.

In Georgia, employers provide group rate coverage for their employees. These insurance policies provide coverage for health care, dental services, and supplemental requirements. Through supplemental policies, the employee receives benefits when a disability occurs. Employees who want to review Group Disability Plans in Macon GA should contact Stone Insurance Agency Inc. or Visit the website for more information now.

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