When is it Time to Visit the Local Animal Hospital Lenexa, KS?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2016


Most pet owners have been faced with a situation where they are not sure whether or not they should call or visit the local Animal hospital Lenexa KS. They wonder if their pet is really sick or hurt or if they are just being a worrywart. There is no question that this can be a confusing time, but keeping some of the information here in mind will help worried pet owners get a bit of peace of mind.

It’s Never Wrong to Call

If a pet owner is worried about their pet, they should not ever feel embarrassed about making a call to the local Animal hospital in Lenexa KS. Veterinarians are used to handling pet emergencies, and they are prepared for the majority of them. The majority of these animal hospitals also have doctors who are on-call or who can provide a referral to an emergency pet hospital, so there is no reason to be worried about waking the vet up. The fact is, many of the animal hospitals around offer 24-hour access to care.

It is important to remember that the pet owner is the one who knows their pet best. If the animal has started behaving strangely or something just seems “off,” they may have picked up on the underlying issues of a larger, more serious problem. The best thing to do is call and make sure the issue is not anything that needs immediate attention.

Definite Emergency Situations

There are some situations that are definitely considered to be an emergency. Some of these include:

      *      The pet’s heart is not beating or they are not breathing.

      *      The pet is not waking up or unconscious.

      *      The pet has had diarrhea or been vomiting for more than 24 hours.

      *      Broken bones are suspected.

      *      The pet is having or has had a seizure.

Taking some time to observe the pet will usually let a pet owner know if there is something wrong. More information about medical emergencies can be found by contacting the staff from  Animal Clinic. Speak with them and ask about the services that are offered and if they would be able to handle an emergency situation.

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