The Benefits of After School Child Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


After School child care in Pittsburgh PA is a serious concern for every parent. Even though it is only for a few hours each day, these hours can be a valuable time for children. It is during this time that all kids need to be able to relax and unwind from their day at school. There is homework to complete and the need for a healthy snack. Many school-age children go home to an empty house. Even if they are responsible, it is still not a safe option or one that will provide them with the stimulation they need. This is why programs that provide supervision and creative encouragement are so important.

There are many studies that have proven why parents should be selective about how they choose a program for their child. Research has shown children who were regularly involved in this type of experience had an increased interest in reading and other learning opportunities. They had a longer attention span, were less likely to be held back and their school attendance record was better, and dropout rates were lower than children who were not involved.

After School child care in Pittsburgh PA that focuses on exposing children to a variety of arts and educational opportunities helps kids to develop new skills and discover hobbies and interests they may not have otherwise. These types of facilities are also often culturally diverse and allow children to meet others they would not have had the opportunity to meet at their school or in their neighborhood.

ABC’s For Children is a program that has developed its curriculum to ensure that all of the students are exposed to a variety of music, art and activities. Children learn skills as diverse as knitting, karate and water sports. The focus is on opening the minds of all the students and helping them to be well-rounded in their experiences and education. The program is the perfect mix of healthy physical activities and intellectual skill-building.

It is possible to find babysitters who watch children at home after school and nurture them in their own environment. This is a safe, easy and often inexpensive option that is appealing to many parents. However, an after-school program that keeps them engaged and excited about life and learning can be a benefit that will stay with the students throughout their life.

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