When Should Parents Start Thinking About Pediatric Dentistry?

Posted By : Alvin Amante , on Jul, 2021


Pediatric dentistry is a form of dental care focusing on the needs of children. Parents sometimes have questions about how old a child must be before they schedule that first dental appointment. Others wonder why the child cannot simply see a regular family dentist. Here is some information that will help address those types of questions.

Why Start With a Specialist?

As the term implies, pediatric dentistry relates directly to the oral health and hygiene of younger children. The goal of this type of dentist is to ensure each young patient receives care directly related to the proper development of teeth during those early years. Like other professionals who specialize in some form of pediatric medicine, this dentist is trained to deal with special needs cases, and is focused on what must be done to help children develop responsible dental habits.

The First Visit

Many professionals associated with pediatric dentistry near Fort Worth recommend the very first visit should occur around the child’s first birthday. In most cases, that is early enough to ensure everything is in order. The next visit should be scheduled for around the second birthday. Since the first set of teeth will be coming in around that time, it helps to consider scheduling an appointment for a first teeth cleaning sometime around the halfway mark between the second and third birthdays.

What About a Family Dentist?

It is important to note that many family dentists are also trained in pediatric dentistry near Fort Worth. Before scheduling a first appointment for the child, always verify this is the case. If not, ask the dentist who currently takes care of the rest of the family for a recommendation. Dentists who do not tend to include pediatric care as part of their services will often have some sort of working relationship with another local professional who can provide the care needed.

Remember that starting a child off with good dental habits is important. Just as it is important to teach the child about general health, fitness, and proper diet, working with a dental professional who knows exactly how to relate to younger children will make it easier to develop those good habits. With the right type of care, the child will grow into an adult who is more likely to take care of his or her teeth and enjoy excellent dental health.

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