When to Apply Mulch in Waukesha WI

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Many people feel there is only one time of the year to apply mulch in Waukesha, WI. The truth of the matter is that you can, and should, apply mulch all year long. Mulch is any vegetative matter you put around trees, bushes, flowers or vegetables to prevent unwanted weeds and grasses from growing and stealing the important minerals from the soil. A good, year-round mulching program will keep your gardens looking great. It also provides more vitamins and minerals as it breaks down and becomes part of the soil.

In the winter, you should put down a heavy layer of mulch. It will decompose and add elements back to the earth that previous plants have used up. Your soil will be healthier and ready for the new planting season.

In the spring, a nice, new layer of mulch can be used as insulation. Seeds and young seedlings need to have warm soil to grow. The added mulch will keep the temperature of the underlying dirt warmer. Once you see your seedling pushing up through the ground, it is a good idea to rake it back a bit to allow more sunlight to reach the tender leaves and feed the young plants.

The heat of the summer will have plants drying out. Mulch will hold water to keep the plants from dehydrating. Spraying the mulch to the saturation point everyday will not only water your plants, but will keep the soil from drying out and becoming hard so the roots won’t have to struggle to push through and grow. You will need to turn the mulch regularly to ensure mold does not start to grow on the underside due to the dampness. As long as you keep a nice layer around your plants, you should not have to worry about doing any weeding. The mulch will keep sunlight from getting to the weeds.

In the fall, you can just leave the vegetation from all the plants there to add to the mulch. Put down a nice, thick layer to keep any late growing vegetation warm. As the season fades into winter, and the plants die or the seeds go into hibernation, the whole cycle will start over again. For more information on Mulch in Waukesha WI, visit the website.

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