Hiring a Good IT Consultant in New Hyde Park NY

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Computers


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An IT consultant works with commercial and industrial clients who need advice about IT problems. An IT consultant can offer advice and design for your installation technology systems. Some of the responsibilities of an IT consultant include:

  • Training users
  • Estimating the resources needed
  • Coming up with timescales
  • Planning and designing IT systems
  • Installing Information Technology systems
  • Writing and documentation of reports
  • Responding to feedback

Before you hire an IT consultant in New Hyde Park NY, there are certain factors that you should consider including education and experience.


IT consulting is a very broad area that is broken down to smaller units such as web design, software and hardware. A reliable IT consultant should have vast knowledge in all these units. Check to see if he has a degree in IT, and ensure that he has been continuing with his studies, as new things keep coming up in the IT sector. Good IT consultants are experts in computing and computer related subjects such as computer science and software engineering.


An experienced IT consultant may come in handy when you have complicated projects in mind, for instance a system changeover. He will see to it that you have a smooth transitioning from one system to another, and will help you avoid common errors that many people make by laying out effective guidelines. However, keep in mind that even though an IT consultant may have been in the industry for a long time, he is of little use to you if he has not been successful. Hence, contact the companies and clients he has worked for in the past and determine yourself how good he has been. Did he deliver on time? Did he have a smooth working relationship with his staff? Was he effective? The answers to these kinds of questions will tell you if he is good enough for your company.

A good It consultant should show a great deal of interpersonal, analytical and teamwork skills. He should also show meticulousness in his work. You can only find the best IT consultant in New Hyde Park NY in a credible company like CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau.




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