Why Consult Parking Garage Experts in Chicago, IL?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


Parking garages, when properly constructed, are designed to last for decades. The concrete is mixed and poured to handle more weight than the number of vehicles a garage could possibly hold. Supports and joints for lasting strength are installed, and the gradients of ramps are carefully calculated. One component of a strong and safe garage is often forgotten. That is preventative maintenance.


Concrete is a porous material that is subject to staining, cracking, and crumbling from moisture and high impact damage. To counteract those issues, concrete is sealed with a waterproof coating. That does not last forever and has to be reapplied. If the coating is not reapplied, the concrete will degrade quickly. Pollution, heavy traffic, and cold winters mean maintenance is critical.

It is easy to forget many maintenance aspects of large and busy parking garages, especially those in huge cities. Ironically, those garages need the maintenance most of all to prevent falls, accidents, leaks, and injuries. It is one of the single most important aspects of prolonging the garage’s structural integrity and controlling liability risks. An assessment by parking garage experts in Chicago IL will determine if any immediate maintenance or repairs need to be completed.

Planning Ahead

Repairs or replacement of a deck or section of a large parking garage will not be cheap. This is why maintenance is recommended at specific intervals. Consulting with parking garage experts in Chicago IL can help business owners, municipalities, and attraction managers plan ahead for maintenance, minor repairs, and any potential replacements. It is not just the cost that has to be anticipated. Any closure of a garage level has to be strategically planned for minimum inconvenience and loss of revenues.

A casino does not close, and the garage is full most of the time. Determining when it is not filled to capacity, how much notice to provide to customers, and alternative parking arrangements cannot be figured out in a day. If owners or managers cannot remember when repairs or upkeep were last needed, contact us to inspect and assess the condition and strength of the structure. Any work that has to be done can be completed by experienced professionals.

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