Why Contact a Bail Bond Agency in Fort Pierce?

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Bail Bond


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Many people don’t know what a bail bond is or how it works. You must have heard on the news that somebody was released on the payment of a specific amount of bail. So, what’s the process behind this? What is a bail amount, and how does it differ from the conventional bail bond? Basically, bail is the amount that is set between the courts and the person who is in jail as a type of insurance that they are going to show up for the hearings and all court proceedings. However, because bail is set at higher amounts, most people are unable to pay it off. That’s why many usually get in touch with a bail bond agency in Fort Pierce.

What Will the Agency Do?

When you get in touch with a local bail bond agency such as Port St. Lucie Bail Bonds, they are going to go through the case files. By going through the case files, the bond agency will be able to figure out exactly how much the bail amount is, and the fee that they will charge. Usually, the bail bondsman will charge about 10% of the amount of bail. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the rest of the amount is forfeited and the remaining 90% must be paid.

Why Hire One?

Most people can’t afford to pay the financial amount as set in the bail. Instead of that, you should consider calling the bail bond agency. They are going to post the bail on your behalf and make sure that the defendant is released while the court proceedings are going on. These are just a few reasons why you should contact a bond agency.

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