Why Get Legal Help for Truck Accidents in Harford County, MD?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2018


Truck accidents can be devastating to deal with because they leave behind so much damage. The sheer size of the trucks makes them a formidable match when up against a much smaller vehicle. When someone has been seriously injured in a trucking accident, they need to be aware of the rights they hold and how they can get legal help. Truck accidents in Harford County, MD are much easier to handle with a lawyer.

How to Get Started

The state of Maryland has a three-year statute of limitations. This means a person needs to make sure they file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations is up. Although three years seems like plenty of time, waiting too long to seek legal help can be detrimental. The sooner a person meets with a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents in Harford County, MD, the sooner they will be able to get the legal help they need.

A consultation meeting with this kind of lawyer will allow the victims to better understand their rights and what steps need to be taken so they can receive fair compensation. Injured victims should never be forced to deal with the insurance adjuster alone.

Once the consultation meeting has taken place, the lawyer will start investigating the accident, the truck driver, and the trucking company. During the investigation the lawyer gathers evidence and begins understanding who needs to be pursued as a defendant.

The Negotiation Process

The negotiation process can be lengthy, depending on how cooperative the insurance company or other defendants are. If the insurance company refuses to be fair or the demands in the demand letter are not met, the injured party has the right to seek a lawsuit in court.

While lawsuits are often able to be avoided in personal injury claims, this is not always possible. The lawyer will work to make sure their client receives the fair outcome they deserve.

If you are in need of legal help, visit us. Call the office today and they will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn more about how they can help you.

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