Why Invest in Customized Wooden Crates in Dallas?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Standard crates are available in many sizes to accommodate a wide range of ordinary items. Most things can be placed into a standard crate and arrive safe and sound at the final destination, depending on how they are packed. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and towels for cushioning can be used to protect fragile objects. Insurance can also be purchased to replace damaged items, but there are some items that cannot be replaced. There are also objects that will not fit into a standard crate, will be expensive to ship in standard crates, or are too heavy for standard crates.

Investing in customized Wooden Crates in Dallas can save objects, time, stress, and money. Crates can be designed and constructed to any specifications. Reinforced crates on wheels, for example, can be created to safely transport heavy items. Bracing inside the crate, locks on the outside, hinges to add strength to joints, and wheels or casters can be fitted to wooden crates made for specific sized items. Crates are reusable in most cases, so the return on the investment is high. Larger crates with several components can be designed to allow multiple pieces to be packed together. Hag not only saves money on shipping costs, it ensures everything arrives at the same time.

Custom wooden crates in Dallas have been designed to hold fine art, airplanes, sensitive medical equipment, military cargo, odd-shaped items, delicate collections, and even carnival rides. They can be made to handle family heirlooms and treasured possessions. Drawers can be added and lined to cradle your grandmother’s antique tea set. Cushioning foam can be mounted to the inside to protect those prized ten point buck antlers. That prototype of your latest invention can be placed in a crate designed especially for it, along with vapor barrier bags to protect it from vibration, moisture, and sudden movements.

Experienced carpenters and packing experts, like those found at Crate Master, for example, provide other custom services as well. Benches for the patio, a tree house for the kids, a planter for the front porch, and decorative wooden boxes for the living room can also be designed and built. Whether a gift is needed for the person who has everything, a shed is required to hold the lawnmower, or crates are needed to transport merchandise, custom designed solutions are an affordable way to meet needs and desires.

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