Why it is Necessary to Seek Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin, MA Services for a Child

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Dentist


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Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin MA professionals has special training to handle the issues that are unique to children. This includes developmental issues in the mouth and root canals for adult teeth that have not yet fully formed. While not all children will need to see a pediatric dentist, the services can be quite beneficial in a number of situations. Regardless of the type of dentist used, seeking oral care for a child early in life can help prevent serious issues down the road.

It is a good idea to seek Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin MA services the within six months after the child’s first tooth is seen. During this initial visit, the dentist will be able to evaluate the development of a child’s mouth and provide information for taking care of the child’s teeth. In many cases, dental issues start early on, which means the sooner the child gets to the dentist, the better off they will be. Dentists can recommend and provide preventative care to safeguard against a number of common issues include thumb-sucking complications, gum disease, teething irritations, and even baby bottle tooth decay.

Prior to taking a child to the dentist, be sure to know what to expect. If the child is old enough, let them know what the visit will entail. If they are not, be sure to find a proper method to handle the child’s reaction. There are some children who are completely uncooperative. In these cases, the dentist will likely do what they can and schedule another appointment at a later date.

In most cases, children will begin to lose their teeth by the age of four or five. They will continue to lose their baby teeth until they reach the age of 13. During this time, going to the dentist twice annually is essential to ensure proper oral health.

Contact Alpha Dental Center for help and additional information about dental care services for children. Don’t ignore a child’s developing teeth or assume everything is fine. Seeking the care of a dentist early on will help ensure that no serious issues develop or cause issues down the road.

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