Why People Are Choosing Cremation Over Burial From Local Funeral Homes in Deltona FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Cremation services are quickly overtaking traditional burial services in America. Since 1985, the number of cremations performed has tripled. Why are so many American choosing to be cremated? Here are a few of the top reasons:

1. Cost- On average, traditional funeral services cost just over $7000. This price does not include fees from the actual cemetery. Cremation services, however, cost roughly one-third of that. Direct cremation, which is the term used for just a cremation where no funeral services are provided to the family, is even cheaper still, at a cost of only $500-$800.

2. Decline Of Religious Traditions- In a recent poll, over 16-percent of Americans claimed no religious affiliation. Since burial is closely tied to traditions of a religious nature, it is no wonder that many people are choosing to avoid it altogether and go the cremation route.

3. More Environmentally Friendly- Cremation is gentler on the environment than the process of preparing a body for burial. Embalming fluid can seep into groundwater where it disperses mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde, and other chemicals. Cremation does not utilize any embalming chemicals.

4. Flexible For The Family- With cremation, the remains can be taken home and the family has much more time to plan a gathering in the deceased’ honor, if they choose. There are no time constraints like there are with burial services. The ashes may be dispersed where the family so chooses (within the bound of the law) or may be given to other family members and friends as a token of remembrance. If the need for a direct cremation from Local Funeral Homes Deltona FL arises, visit FourtownsCremationInc.com.

They have a stellar reputation for providing professional and dignified services no matter what the financial means of the family. They have an ethos that is unmatched in the industry and are one of the most respected Local Funeral Homes in Deltona FL serving all of Volusia County. Contact them directly for a price list that will break down each service on the invoice as charged. They are CANA-certified and state-licensed and all cremations are performed on site for the most efficient service available to the family.

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