Why Should I Use Slatwall Panels?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Slatwall panels are extremely helpful for displaying merchandise in the commercial setting. These panels, which have been some of the most popular tools for use in retail years for years, offer many core benefits. They are relatively economical, sustainable and versatile when it comes to meeting your unique need.

How is Slatwall Used?
Slatwall panels are often used by corporate offices and industrial companies as well as garage owners, retail shops and even homeowners to exhibit products or to organize equipment, tools, and gear. The slatwall system offered by a top company in the industry features hooks you can use to secure easily items, and you can rearrange and change them as needed. The panels serve as anchors not just for hooks but also for other display accessories such as hanging rods and shelves.

Space and Organization
One main benefit of slatwall panels is that they enable you to make the most of a tiny space; this is why these types of panels are often used in boutique shops. They can complement your store’s theme and allow you to take full advantage of vertical spaces that might otherwise never be used. The more you get your merchandise in a visible area for potential customers using slatwall, the more they know about what your store offers.

Slatwall also allows you to keep your shop neat and nice looking for the public. When you use slatwall to display many items, this gives you more space on the floor for mannequins, which are highly effective merchandising tools for garments. A mannequin torso form can even be attached to a slatwall panel to market your clothing.

Inventory Benefits
Yet another chief benefit of using slatwall is that it helps to facilitate inventory control. When you display merchandise on a wall rather than on a floor that is already crowded, shoplifters have less space to steal items. Also, customers must ask for their particular sizes from the store employees, so shoplifters are less inclined to try to pilfer items from your store. Slatwall is a wise investment if you are looking for a way to create valuable space and bring in additional merchandise while also saving money in the long run.

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