Why You Should Acquire A Free Car Insurance Quote in Watsonville

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California drivers are required to maintain at least the minimum liability values determined for automobile insurance. These values are currently $15,000 per injury sustained in an accident with a maximum of $30,000. The policy should also include $5,000 for property damage. If you don’t possess this mandatory insurance requirement, you should contact your preferred insurer to receive a Car Insurance Quote in Watsonville today.

Failure to Comply with Insurance Requirements

In the state of California, any driver who fails to comply with automobile insurance requirements is subject to penalties. These penalties are based on the number of previous infractions. For instance, the first-offense requires a fine of no more than $200. However, a second offense that occurs within a three-year period could produce fines of up to $500.

New Laws for Automobile Insurance

All drivers are required to show proof of insurance at any time that they register a new vehicle or acquire a tag renewal. The DMV is required to maintain a record of your insurance policy with your vehicle registration in their system. This includes a listing for the policy expiration date. At any time that your policy is canceled, your insurer is required to notify the DMV. When this occurs, you receive a notification from the DMV to provide updated proof of insurance. Failure to provide this proof could result in issuance of a fine.

Additionally, all automobiles that are financed require the borrower to maintain at least comprehensive coverage. However, some lenders may also require collision as well. These terms are identified in the loan contract. Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to repossession of the automobile based on a violation of the terms defined by the lender. Your insurance carrier is required by law to notify your lender at any time that your policy is canceled.

The state of California imposes strict penalties upon any drivers who violate the national mandate for liability insurance. These violations could include fines, license suspension, and suspension of the vehicle registration. To avoid these adverse legal actions, you should acquire a free Car Insurance Quote from Coast Auto Insurance Services, Inc in Watsonville today.

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