Work With Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys to Get Help For Your Loved One

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2015


A person who resides in a nursing home is supposed to be cared for. Their family members may have looked for months for the right nursing home to ensure they’d be cared for properly. Unfortunately, no matter how much they spend on the nursing home or how great the reviews are, the elderly are susceptible to neglect. If their family member notices they’re being neglected, they can turn to one of the Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys for help.

Often, the first step is to remove the person from the nursing home. They’ll be moved to a different nursing home where they can get the care they need. If they’re in need of immediate medical attention, they should go to the hospital before they go to their new home. Once the person is safe, their family member may opt to talk with one of the nursing home neglect attorneys to find out if there is anything that can be done.

When an attorney takes on the case, they’re going to try to recover damages from the nursing home that caused the neglect. This is considered a personal injury case and the attorney will try to recover money for the person’s medical bills, relocation expenses, pain and suffering, and more. Often, they’ll start by filing a complaint with the nursing home’s insurance and attempting to negotiate a settlement. If necessary, they will take the case to court to help their client get the money they need. The attorney’s fees are going to be included in the settlement, so neither the elderly person nor their family member will need to worry about how to afford the lawyer. They can simply hand over all the information they have and focus on the person’s recovery while the attorney handles the case.

If you have a family member in a nursing home and you suspect neglect, contact a lawyer like Mark Aberasturi as soon as possible. They can help you determine if neglect is happening if the family member needs to be moved to a new home, and if you have a case to obtain compensation. They’ll do everything they can to make sure your family member is safe and has the medical and other care they need.

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