Working with a Bail Bonds Company in Miliford, CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


In Connecticut, bail bonds are used to obtain a release from the county jail when a defendant doesn’t have the financial capital to pay their bail. The bonds are secured with a percentage of the total value. The percentage requested by the bail bondsman won’t exceed fourteen percent. A bail bonds company in Milford, CT helps criminal defendants secure a bail bond.

Details Necessary to Obtain a Bond

The bail bonding agent requires specific details about the criminal defendant before the bail bond is available. First, the defendant’s representative must provide the defendant’s full name, booking number, their exact criminal charge, and the total value of the bail.

Who Pays the Bonding Agent?

The defendant or their representative provides the payment to the bail bonding agent. If the defendant or their representative cannot provide cash, a credit card or check payment, collateral is accepted for the bail bond. The defendant or their representative must provide a deed or title for any collateral presented.

What Happens After the Bond Is Purchased?

After the bail bond is purchased, the bonding agent completes all release documents for the defendant. The documents are submitted to the court, and the bonding agent provides a copy to the correctional officers at the county jail. Next, the defendant is released from the county jail and must follow all instructions for the terms of their release. Any violation of the terms of their release could result in their immediate arrest.

What Happens If the Defendant Doesn’t Appear in Court?

If the criminal defendant fails to appear in court, the judge has the authority to issue a bench warrant. The warrant allows the officers to arrest the defendant on sight. Any collateral that was used to secure the bond is seized.

In Connecticut, bail bonds are used to get criminal defendants released from the county jail. The bonds are secured through a direct payment or by providing collateral. By following the terms of the release, the defendant remains out of jail pending the outcome of their case. Criminal defendants who need help from a bail bonds company in Milford, CT can contact Business Name. right now.

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