3 Reasons Why Customers Rent Self-Storage Units in York, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Self-storage is not a new idea and has actually been traced back to ancient China. However, today’s version, which is often called “mini storage” is a relatively recent development and really began to grow in the 1970’s. Today residents in areas like York, PA are adapting the units for a range of uses. Renters depend on local experts like A Better Rate Storage to simplify home moves and keep belongings safe. Customers even use self-storage units in York, PA to securely house vehicles and boats.

Self Storage Makes Moving Easier

Everyone from college students to retirees use self-storage units in York, PA to store household furnishings. Young people who are off to school may rent units to hold their things until after graduation. Retirees often store housefuls of valuables after downsizing. Families may keep furniture in storage while building new homes. The staff at a storage facility can provide packing materials and help clients choose the size units they need. Most companies also have helpful websites. When customers visit the website they can use an online size estimator, see all available unit types and view pricing.

Storage Facilities Are Secure

Customers choose self-storage when they want to ensure that their belongings will be safe. Spaces are carefully built, to protect contents from the elements. Grounds are well lighted, and customers can simply drive up to get access to their things. Most facilities are gated and provide controlled access. Grounds are monitored 24/7 and each unit is lighted. Clients can buy insurance, for added protection.

Customers Can Store Vehicles

It is also becoming common for self-storage businesses to offer secure vehicle storage. The units solve problems for those who want to make more room in their garages or protect vintage automobiles. Some clients store vehicles because their HOA’s won’t allow them to be parked in driveways. Self storage facilities offer extra-large units that can safely house many types of vehicles and boats.

Self storage has become very popular as customers as customers continue to find new uses for the rental spaces. Although units may be adapted for almost any use, they are especially popular among those who are moving and need to store belongings. Units are secure and can even be used to store vehicles and boats.

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