Restoration Services Versus Dental Implant Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


There are times when a simple toothache turns into something more serious. When there is real tooth decay, patients and their dentists need to make a decision. Should they attempt to keep the tooth and try and restore it to its former glory with a crown or bridge? Should they skip that process all together and move forward with dental implant services in Ann Arbor MI? Every situation is different, but there are some standards that can help direct which type of treatment is going to be ideal for the patient and his or her healthy smile.

Restoration is Less Expensive

While it isn’t ideal, many patients make their decisions with their wallets in mind. Even with dental insurance, certain procedures can be costly. Patients often find that dental restoration costs less than a dental implant. Also, if a problem arises with a crown or bridge, the solution is often quick and simple. This makes restoration their ideal choice. However, it is important to take into consideration the long term effects of both options to truly get an accurate cost analysis.

Implants Avoid Revisiting the Same Problem

If a tooth has had problems in the past, restorative dentistry doesn’t guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again. Teeth that have been covered with a crown or those that have undergone a root canal aren’t immune to dental problems. There is a chance that a tooth will be saved only to need Dental Implant Services in Ann Arbor MI a few years down the road. Some patients will wonder if they should have just gone ahead with the implant in the first place.

Implants Don’t Decay

Implants are immune to some of the common problems that teeth experience. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be brushed daily and cleaned regularly. It doesn’t mean that a patient can get rid of his or her floss. However, there is less chance of experiencing bone or gum loss with the addition of an implant. Unfortunately, implants require multiple visits over the course of several months to achieve the ideal aesthetic. If you are considering restorative procedures or dental implants, contact Washtenaw General Dentistry for more information on each procedure.

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