A Few Tips on Makeup Application

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


By the time the average girl becomes a pre-teen, she is already patterning after her mother and other women by trying to apply makeup. True to the nature of most beginners, they will apply too much makeup. With a little practice and tips from others, they eventually learn to apply the makeup well enough to make themselves attractive. However, there is always room for improvement. A few tips on Makeup Application can go a long ways in helping a normal woman look like she stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.

  • The first step in properly applying makeup so that the woman looks absolutely stunning is to cleanse the face thoroughly. This is more than the cleansing of the face one does when bathing in the morning or at night. This is a thorough cleansing to ensure the pores are cleaned.
  • The second thing a woman should do is to take care of any other skin issues that might possibly be a problem. If there is any puffiness under the eyes, that should be taken care of. If the lips need to be exfoliated first, do that.
  • The next thing that should be done is to apply a makeup primer. This primer will be like a smooth layer of skin upon which the makeup will go.
  • Following that is to use cosmetic concealers to take care of any scars, discoloration or dark circles under the eyes.
  • The foundation is applied next. The foundation should be applied with the fingers.
  • Next comes the eyeshadow and the eyeliner. They should not use too much as to look like a ghost or something out of the comic books.

For the woman who feels she just can’t keep up with this and wants it professionally done, there are businesses that do such. The S Salon and Day Spa, located in Monroe, Connecticut has been providing personal and cosmetic services for customers for many years. Women who want a spa treatment, makeup help, and salon services can have these done at the spa. For professional Makeup Application, customers can visit the day spa.

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