Approaching 24 Hour Bail Bondsmen In Stamford, CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


In Connecticut, bail bondsmen manage the release of a criminal defendant after a bail bond is purchased. The financial option is helpful for individuals who are unable to pay their full bail value. The bond is purchased in a variety of ways and equates to a percentage of the total bail value. 24 hour bail bondsmen in Stamford CT can explain the process during the consultation.

Providing the Correct Information

The bail bondsmen need vital details about the criminal defendant. The full name of the defendant, their date of birth, the facility where they are, and the value of their bail are needed by the bondsmen. The defendant will need to provide their booking number as well.

Paying for the Bail Bond

The bail bond is paid for by the criminal defendant or a representative of their choice. The payments are made via cash, check, or credit card charges. Individuals who don’t have the payment method for paying for the bail bond can provide collateral for the bail bond.

Reviewing the Terms of the Bond

The terms of the bond begin with any provisions stipulated by the judge. When the criminal defendant is released the judge explains the terms of their release. Any failure to comply with the judge’s orders could lead to additional charges. For example, if the defendant was arrested for domestic violence, they cannot return to the home of the victim. If they do, the defendant is arrested and charged according to their actions.

Assistance with the Court Appearance

The bail bondsmen can assist criminal defendants who do not have a ride to their court date. According to the terms of the bail bond, the bondsman agrees to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. The defendant must make the arrangements when they purchase their bail bond.

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen assist criminal defendants who cannot afford their full bail value. The judge assigns a bail value when the defendant attends their arraignment. Once the information is available, a defendant or their representative can approach a bondsman. Defendants who need help from 24 Hour Bail Bondsmen in Stamford CT can check more information right now.

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