Be The Talk of the Town When You Have An Ice Luge At Your Next Party in Long Island, NY

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


There are ice sculptures at large events, parties and wedding celebrations. There are ice sculpting contests in New York, that bring out the talents in chefs, artists and the average person with a creative side. The ice sculptures begin from a large block of ice weighing about 300 pounds. For something unique at your next party, join the new movement of Ice Luge in Long Island NY. An ice luge is a large block of ice, with a tube cut through it. Alcohol is poured through the top, and into your guests open mouth or glass at the bottom. They can also be used to pour mixed drinks through. This adds a bit of fanfare, all the while chilling the beverage on the way to the bottom.

If you have a celebration coming up and have decided an Ice Luge in Long Island NY is on your must have list, you can go to for details about ordering one. They have precarved ice luges available, but also have 300 pound blocks of ice available should you have a specific design you would like to incorporate into the luge. Company parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and wedding receptions are perfect for an ice luge. Long slide like slopes designed to look like your company logo, holiday designs, or creative arrangements will add a bit of festivity to any event. The functional sculpture will be talked about for a long time.

Everyone is looking for the next creative idea or thing for their parties. In the 60’s it was molded jello salads with fruit, or jello shots. The 70’s brought casseroles and layered jello dishes. Then there were fondue pots, chocolate fountains, and fruit carved into ships, animals and giant fish. Ice sculptures were beautiful to look at, but really didn’t offer the guests anything other than a visual and melting piece of art. You could add frozen fruit to an ice sculpture for extra detail and color. Lights have been place around or under the sculpture to light it up and accent the piece. The Ice Luge, an interactive frozen art form, will change the way you and your guests think about ice sculptures. Your party will be talked about for a very long time.

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