Keeping An Ice Luge in Long Island NY Intact During A Wedding

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


When someone wishes to display an ice luge in Long Island, NY at a wedding reception, they will be likely to enjoy the appearance it provides during the big event. An ice luge will require a bit of preparation and maintenance before and during the reception so it remains in the best of condition throughout the entire celebration. Here are some tips that can be used to accomplish the task.

Make Sure The Luge Is Not Picked Up Too Early

When scheduling a pickup time with the ice sculpting service that creates a luge, it is best to keep the start time of the reception in mind. Picking up the ice piece as closely to the start of the event will ensure it does not have a lot of melting time beforehand. Asking someone to pick up the luge and place it in the reception area in the hour before the reception begins is ideal.

Use Tactics To Keep The Luge Cool

The ice luge should be positioned in a location where it will not be under direct sunlight or illumination of any kind. A shaded spot will work best if possible. It is also important to check the temperature setting on the heating system if the luge will be kept indoors. This can be turned to a comfortable temperature, however keeping it a few degrees cooler than normal can be beneficial in keeping the luge from melting prematurely.

Protect The Luge While Being Transported

When an ice luge is picked up for transport, it is a good idea to place a tarp along the floor of the vehicle where the ice piece will be kept. This will protect the vehicle from moisture, and will also aid in keeping the luge clean. The tarp can be wrapped around the luge or the air conditioning can be put on in the vehicle to help to keep the sculpture from melting.

When there is a desire to order an Ice Luge in Long Island NY, finding the right service to do the job is key. Contact Long Island Ice & Fuel to find out more.

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