Uses Of Ice For Parties in Long Island, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


A party planner must include ice on the checkoff list when preparing for an event. How much ice, the type of ice, uses for the ice, the supplier, delivery, storage, and cost are a few considerations. Events are numerous and year-round. They include corporate events and banquets, private parties for birthdays, graduations, weddings, gatherings for sports and celebrations for holidays and festivals. Here are some thoughts on planning to meet the need for ice for parties in Long Island, NY

The Many Uses of Ice at Parties

There is little fun being at a party where ice is absent from drinks or from coolers to keep canned drinks cold. Those are basic uses of ice at parties. Ice is also important for ensuring the safety of foods that need to be kept at low temperatures, such as seafood, salads and gels. Frozen desserts maintain their integrity when they are stored with dry ice. Dry ice can be used for staging effects like forming a creepy, fog-like scene for a Halloween party.

Ice Takes Center Stage

An art display in ice is a draw at any party. Ice carvings in their diverse forms showcase the talents of ice sculptors. The carvings are often used as centerpieces. Several sculpted pieces may be displayed around the room. Carvings may take the form of ice bars or servers. Sculptors require clear blocs of ice for carvings. Clinebell ice cakes are completely clear pieces of ice and are made by using a commercial Clinebell machine. The process usually takes three days to make two standard 300 lbs ice blocks.

Ice luges are also popular at parties. These are blocks of ice with one or more channels cut for pouring drinks. Shot luges differ from channel luges by the amount of liquor that can be delivered to the lips of the partaker. The idea is to have drinks chilled as they pass through the ice. It is a fun way to imbibe.

Thoughts on the Uses of Ice at a Party

When planning for a party, consider the many uses of ice. For assurance of quality and safety, purchase products that are manufactured according to the Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards. The IPIA (International Packaged Ice Association) label on the product indicates these standards have been met. Visit for details on ice for parties in Long Island, NY.

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