Choosing a Veterinary Clinic in Oregon

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


Choosing the right Veterinary Clinic in Oregon can be tough, as there are so many local choices for most people. The first thing to consider when choosing the right vet is the offerings of the facility. Many of the best veterinary care facilities offer not just routine care like vaccinations and check-ups, but also more specialized care like blood are urine testing. If the vet clinic is able to do these specialized tests on site, it can save a great deal of time for both the vet and the pet owner. In some smaller veterinary clinics, the vet has to send the pet’s blood or urine sample out to a lab for testing, and this can take several days or even up to a couple of weeks with more complicated tests. When a pet is ill, it is always a comfort for pet owners to know that the clinic can do the tests and get the results right there on site.

Another consideration when selecting the right Veterinary Clinic in Oregon is the clinic’s location. While it may not seem too inconvenient to drive to a vet clinic that is an hour away when your pet has a regular check-up, imagine having to drive that same distance in case of an emergency. When it’s an emergency, the most important thing is getting the pet into the veterinarian’s hands as quickly as possible. Choose a vet clinic that offers both routine and emergency care if at all possible. If the clinic can be reached in just a few minutes or at least under half an hour, it will provide peace of mind in emergency situations.

Of course, the veterinarian is an important part of choosing the right vet clinic. The right vet will have an immediate and obvious rapport with pets and will handle them with confidence. Choose a vet who goes out of their way to make pets feel comfortable especially if the pet tends to be fearful at the vet’s office. To get the highest quality veterinary care in emergencies, check out the website Oregon website. You can click here to learn more.

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