Comedy Theatre-Make It An Event

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Considering making a visit to a comedy theatre? Good for you! Comedy is the best medicine for whatever ails you! A good laugh can make everything else in life just melt away. Why settle for a comedy show when you can make it an event? The right theatre is not only about the laughs! You can expect some side-splitting humor, a little history and a lot of “WOW can’t believe I am really here” if you choose the comedy theatre that has been making people laugh since 1959!

Have Something to Look Forward To!

Why not choose the theatre that is world renowned for cranking out some of comedies favorite performers? You can go for the ho hum, just another comedy club or you can go for the “once in a lifetime event”.  Your first step is to choose the theatre that offers more than just a few good laughs. Choose the theatre that historically has:

Changed the face of comedy
Trained some of the biggest and brightest comedians of our time
Is known the world over as THE place to visit

Don’t sell yourself short! You deserve to have a memorable time in the lap of comedy history. There are plenty of clubs that have built their genre around the original, but there is only one original and you can easily get tickets to the original theatre that all the others aspire to be!  Don’t waste your time with clubs that are trying to be the greatest most influential club, go to the original!

Get Your Tickets

Go right to the source for your comedy! Get your tickets for Second City and experience an event that you will not soon forget. Enjoy your night out, make it an event to remember at Second City!

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