Consider a Brazilian Blowout at Hair Salons in Schofield for Amazing Hair

Posted By : alex , on Oct, 2014


Damaged, processed, and frizzy hair plague many people, and often these individuals believe they must live life this way. With the help of a Brazilian Blowout, offered at certain Hair Salons in Schofield, you can have the healthy, smooth hair you have been dreaming of. In addition to being frizz-free, you’ll find your hair has a gorgeous shine to it and plenty of bounce. Anyone who has had their hair color-treated will find they benefit from this type of work. If you are unsure if you will benefit from a Brazilian Blowout, ask your stylist today.

During the treatment, the stylist applies a customized Keratin formula to the hair to coat it with proteins. Doing so helps to fill in any gaps and holes which have appeared in the strands, thanks to their exposure to chemicals, styling products, and environmental hazards. Many compare using Keratin on the hair to using toothpaste to fill in small holes in a wall, holes left behind by thumbtacks and nails. Just as the wall becomes smooth again with the help of toothpaste, the hair appears smoother after this application of Keratin.

Thanks to the filling of these holes and gaps, your hair will no longer absorb moisture and will become more solid. This allows each stand to lie flatter and to repel the frizz caused by moisture in the air. The process typically takes anywhere from one and a half to two hours at Hair Salons in Schofield, and the benefits will be seen for anywhere from ten to twelve weeks, with the proper maintenance and styling products. Hair cannot be colored for a two week period following the treatment, and you must wait two hours after treatment before using any hair aids, such as hair clips or ties.

Some individuals worry that they will be left with straight hair or go into this procedure expecting that to be the end result. Actually, what will happen is any curls or waves in the hair will appear softer and the curls will look more like loose waves. If you still wish to have straight hair, you’ll find it is much easier to achieve this goal with a flat iron than it is to do it before the Brazilian Blowout. Take to your stylist today or click for additional resources to see if this is the right procedure for your needs. Many find it is.

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